AZ driver’s licenses get makeover to battle ID theft

AZ driver’s licenses get makeover to battle ID theft


Motorists in Arizona now have a newly redesigned driver license and a new way to obtain one.

Beginning Monday, June 16, customers visiting a Motor Vehicle Division office to get a new driver license or ID card leave with a temporary credential. Customers will receive a permanent license or ID card in the mail within 15 days.

The Arizona Department of Transportation has also launched a new, high security credential format.

Both changes are designed to protect against identity theft.

A current driver license or identification card will still be valid until its expiration date or at least until the 12 year mark when the photo needs to be refreshed. best fake id

The price of a duplicate credential remains unchanged at $12 for many customers.

“With the new central issuance process it is critical that customers keep their address updated with MVD,” said Stacey Stanton, director of ADOT Motor Vehicle Division.

The temporary driver license or identification card contains a photo and the basic information that appears on the actual credential.

Security features of this new credential include:

A larger primary portrait with a smaller redundant ghost portrait ensuring customer appearance is clearly reflected.

A high security design comprised of unique Arizona geological features in the background created by using many different patterns, lines and images. This provides the overall look of the credential. buy fake ids

A laser perforation in the shape of Arizona, which when held up to the light is used to quickly authenticate the credential.

Tactile date of birth field to assist in authenticating the credential using the sense of touch. The date in this field will have a raised feel to it.

Tri color Optically Variable Device consisting of the state outline, the state name “Arizona,” the state seal, a saguaro cactus and a star. This laminate overlay provides the final layer of the credential and provides one more feature for authentication. fake id

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