The Chinese government foreigners without an official Chinese name or government ID. Many Chinese websites simply don offer alternative registration forms for foreigners to use their passports.

Luckily, I here to offer you a way around that. Keep in mind; this won let you forge an account with a pseudonym on big players like Weibo or Alipay. But if you want to register on a forum, an online video game or some other small website, you likely need a resident identification number. This is an easy workaround.

Strictly speaking, no. Use these instructions at your own risk. says the IDs are for [citizen legitimate rights and interests, facilitating their social activities and maintaining public order. So try not to do anything outside those parameters. If you manage to anger the wrong person, the law will penalize you, scannable fake ids less than 200 yuan but not more than 1,000 yuan, or shall be detained for not more than 10 days. That if a citizen violates the rules. Penalties for an expat might differ.

What in a number?

The number is made up of 18 digits including your postal code and birthday. It also contains a three digit number that distinguishes you should someone else information be identical. The last digit is a checksum, which is generated by a mathematical formula using the previous 17 numbers. I prefer this resource not be blocked because of me, so you have to type it in manually:

Use Google Chrome or a similar service to translate it from Russian. The 6 digits make up the postal code. Unless you want a target on your back, don use your real postal code. Same goes for the date of birth. When you hit the submit button, a list of potential numbers will appear. buy fake ids It comes with a fake number, Chinese name, mobile number, sex, and birth date. Use whichever seems appropriate for the website you registering for.

Of course, you can always create your own generator if you don trust Russians or something. The linked to above also contains source code you can manipulate for such purposes. Just click the button to show the derivation process. No go. Bigger websites like these have access to some sort of database of real people to cross check your name and ID number. I couldn find a way to get around this. In contrast, smaller websites will likely just use regular expressions and a math equation to make sure your information at least looks legitimate. If you would like to see if a number will pass the tougher database check, you can input it Use with caution

I would like to reiterate that this information is to circumvent minor annoyances that confront foreigners in China when it comes to online registration. Beijing Tech Report does not intend this information to be used for criminal purposes. best fake id I mean it.

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